LOL division and ELO boosting is an important part of the league of legends ranking system. Players with similar skill can be found in this way. Thrills of the game can be increased in this fashion. A single ladder system of elo ranking has been used in the first and second season of the League of Legends. There are six tiers in the season 3 of the league of legends. Each of these tiers has five divisions according to the lol division system of the game. League points and match making rating or MMR is determined with the help of the ladder ranking system of the league. Twurdy offers such a service for lol divisons.

Influence of lol division on League Points

With every game the player can win points. However if a player loses a game then it is possible to drop league points. On the points gain and lost points, MMR or hidden match making rating can be decided. It is possible to win more league points if a player surpasses the required amount of the point for a lol division. In this position the player will be charged with increased points on each win. However the player will not lose as many points with a defeat in a game. In case of swapped situation with less MMR point, it is possible to lose more points with defeat. Therefore it can be seen that lol division plays an important role in the league of legends.

However there can be decay on the league points over a period of time with the lol division. If a player does not play the game for over 28 days then the point will start to decay. It can decay consistently. With every 7 days, league points in the lol division are decayed. The amount of the decay depends on the lol division of the player.

If you are playing in the bronze lol division then you may not decay any point with the time. In the gold division, the loss of point is about 25. Silver division comes with a 10 decayed points. For the platinum lol division, the loss is about 35. Higher lol division of diamond can make you lose 50 points if you do not play a game for about 28 days.

Tiers and Division

As you know that each tier of the league of legends comes with five divisions. These divisions are marked with the roman numerical. They are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger.


Promotion and Demotion

After reaching league point of 100 it is possible to start a promotion series in a lol division. The player needs to win 2 out of 3 games in order to get promoted in a high lol division. If a player loses in the promotional series and the league point is zero then the player is generally demoted to the lower lol division. There is also a tier promotional series. However it will be started if the player reaches to a league point of 100. In this series, the player has to win 3 out of 5 matches in order to get promoted.